Rainbow Nursery School Schedule

School Schedule

kid-konfident-300.jpg Classes meet for:

2 day 2-year-old class
8:45 AM -11:15 AM
Meets Tuesday and Thursday Mornings

3 day 3-year-old class
8:45 AM -11:15 AM
Meets Monday, Wednesday,  and Friday Mornings

4 day 4-year-old class
12:00 PM- 2:30 PM
Meets Monday,Tuesday,Thursday,and Friday  

  Diaper Are Okay!!!!!

September through early June. Holidays and snow-days coincide with those of Hartdale, New York  County Schools


 We encourage each child to grow at his own rate and in his own style in social, emotional, and intellectual areas. We seek to maintain a happy and relaxed classroom atmosphere and to follow a well planned curriculum.

A child's day may include art, crafts, music and singing, dramatic play and stories, block building, active outdoor play, quiet moments, and many other enjoyable and creative activities. Our goal is to make learning exciting and fun in a way that encourages each child’s positive feelings about himself/herself.

Rainbow Nursry School gives parents a unique chance to observe and understand their children in relation to their peers. There is close communication between staff and parents.  The teachers and director are professionally trained and experienced in early childhood education. Our Director is always available for questions or your concerns.

Rainbow Nursery School
130 North Central Avenue
Hartsdale, NY 10523

School phone: 914-949-3736

Director: Gale Kelleher, E.C. Program Coordinator

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