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We like to keep our parents up to date with their child’s progress while at Rainbow Nursery School.  We also hold informal meetings between parents and the Director upon request.The Director is also available at pick-up time, via e-mail, and by phone (914)-941-2334.



Our Director based on your child's evaluation will  determine the best approach for assimilation into the program. The director will if necessary spend extra time helping them to settle in to the routine at Rainbow Nursery School and to feel safe and secure on separation from their main caretakers.


Parents are welcome to schedule a visit to the nursery school to meet the staff and see the Rainbow Nursery School method in action. We hold annual open days where staff demonstrate the Rainbow Nursery School apparatus to visitors and the children are able to show their parents around their nursery school.

Parents will be given regular newsletters and all families have our E-mail and Web-page for parents and grandparents to communicate in.


Children can commence at Rainbow Nursery School at 2 years. Diapers are Okay!!!!!

We operate an inclusive approach at Rainbow Nursery School whereby all families and children are welcome at our nursery schools. We will discuss the individual needs of your child with you when you register your child. You and your child will then be invited for a pre-start visit before your child commences at Rainbow Nursery School to familiarise your child with their teacher and nursery surroundings.

Rainbow Nursery School
130 North Central Avenue
Hartsdale, NY 10523

School phone: 914-949-3736

Director: Gale Kelleher, E.C. Program Coordinator

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